Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Second lesson : Chocolate Molding

Process of melting and cooling chocolate to specific temperature in order to prepare it for  dipping, coating and molding

a) A better stability during storing - avoid blooming.
b) For good appearance and texture - glossy.
c) Good melting behavior - smooth texture in mouth.

Tempering Step
Melting ----> Cooling ----> Re-warming

below are the picture that show how to make a chocolate molding :

we used chopped chocolate
cut the chocolate into a medium-sized
put into the bowl
heat the chocolate until it become a liquid.
temperature :dark chocolate - 30-31 C
milk chocolate - 28-30 C
white chocolate - 27-29 C
while waiting,apply a special powder for
chocolate to make the chocolate look shine

pour the chocolate into the mold
spread evenly
then pour the chocolate back into the container
make the chocolate praline.
take out chocolate praline, and take 1/2 for the core in the middle
put in the piping bag
keep the other 1/2 to make chocolate praline
after that, pipe chocolate until full

put in the chiller
when it is hard, take out the chocolate from the mold.

done! :)

Chocolate praline :

use the other 1/2 that we keep a while ago.
Coating with cocoa powder.
make it become round-shape.
keep in the chiller. Done :)

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