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Sugar Work - Pulled Sugar


  1. Use pure white granulated cane sugar.
  2. Place the sugar and water in a clean, heavy pan. Place the mixture over low heat and stir gently until the sugar is dissolved.
  3.  When the sugar is dissolved, raise the heat to moderately high and do not stir anymore. To prevent crystallization, use a clean pastry brushed dipped in hot water to wash any sugar crystals down the side of the pan. Do not let the brush touch the syrup.
  4. Always use a sugar thermometer.
  5.  Add coloring and tartaric acid solution at the temperatures specified in the recipes.
  6. Liquid colors in an acid solution should no be used. For the best results, use powdered colors and dissolve them in a little water or alcohol. Good quality paste colors can also be used.

Tools of sugar work

  • Sugar lamp
  • sugar thermometer
  •  rubber gloves
  •  blowpipe
  •  cut off wire whip
  •  blow torch.

  Pulled Sugar

Pulled sugar is a sugar that is boiled to the hard crack stage, allowed to harden slightly, then pulled or stretched until it develops a pearly sheen.
After it has been heated to the proper temperature, it must again be pulled and folded until it is cooled to a workable temperature and even in texture. Test the sugar by pulling a bit from the edge of the ball with thumb and forefinger and attempting to break it off. If it breaks off cleanly, the sugar is ready. This pulling and folding procedure is called pearling. If this is not done, it will not be possible to work the sugar properly.

Tools For Pulled Sugar:

  •  Sugar thermometer, for accurate control of the temperature of the boiling syrup.
  • Sugar lamp or other warmer, to keep the stock of sugar warm and soft.
  • Scissors and knife, lightly oiled, for cutting the sugar.
  •  Alcohol lamp, for melting sugar in order to fasten pieces together.
  •  Blowpipe, for blowing sugar; a pipe with a bulb for inflating is easier to use than one that is blown with the mouth.
  •  Silicone mat or oiled marble slab, for pouring out the cooked syrup.
  •  Hair dryer or fan, for cooling sugar item.
  • Rubber gloves, to protect from burns when handling hot sugar

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